Killing Each Other Saga : CRPF Convoy Attacked In Pulwama

With tears in the eyes whole country is praying for the soldiers, who lost their lives in cowardice suicidal attack on CRPF Convoy heading towards Srinagar on 14 Feb 2019 nearly at 3:30pm. A car sedan hit a convoy bus with 60 Kgs RDX after overtaking it and hit with full speed, within 2-3 seconds 40 CRPF soldiers martyred on the spot. The convoy was carrying 2547 troops in 59 vehicles. After this attack Punjab, Himachal, Haryana and Delhi are on high alert. Many dignitaries made their statements saying it’s intelligence failure or a proper information was missing etc. Many TV channels holding debates on it but debates are not the solution to it. The question here starts that where is “Security of Movement” how that militant came to know about the convoy ? Who have given them the information of Convoy ? How militant reached near the convoy bus and hit ? Why the car was not checked ? These are many loopholes which counters the attack. Nobody is questioning the Govt because it’s a security issue and everybody is saving the Govt. Nobody is asking to find the black sheep within the organisation by whom this information is leaked and caused 40 deaths of our brave soldiers.

PM says in a political rally yesterday that Army is ordered to take action as they want to answer this attack. Let’s see what action  would be taken by the Army ? Hopefully, it would work as a balm on wounded emotions of whole country and families of the deceased. The questions remains same that till when we will have to suffer, our Kashmir will have to suffer of this killing each other Saga ?

Bikram Chattowal

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