India Should Revisit The Pattern of Jobs Vacancies

India should work on pattern of filling up the posts/ vacancies. We wait till the posts be vacant. Which takes 1 or 1.5 yrs to fill up and another 2yrs to learn the official procedures which affect the pace of work. If we have Number of retirees, why cant we fill them before their retirement. Like, If an employee is going to retire after 4 yrs (@56 yrs of age) the process should be started at this stage, it vl take most probably 2 yrs to complete the appointment process. The retirees would reach at the age of 58yrs and new candidates will have 2yrs of Probation period i.e. the training period after this period where new candidate will be completing probation period and become permanent, retiring personnel will be completing 60yrs of age. It can help the Govt to fill the vacancies on Regular basis and its a continuous process. Currently, 1 lakh Central Govt Employees proceed for retirement every year, it will be increased by adopting this pattern. It can be filled easily prior to employees proceed for retirement. Some semi Govt organisations, NGOs and Corporates have already adopted it. It can be a game changer for any Govt to provide jobs on regular basis and enables the Govt procedures faster.

(The views of this article are author’s personal views , The Citizen Dialogue doesnt endorse these views)

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